Road Warrior

The dark cold tar
Glistens from the light rain
I must follow the yellow broken line
Before it was a quest
It was an obsession.
Finding my road’s end,
Is to start from the beginning
Surfing the net,
To unwind
Secrets that began
Before my time.
Discovering that the beginning has
Just turned to a Dead end,
Where the secrets died there
Only last year
And never the secret revealed
To any of her peers.
So the dark cold tar
Glistens from the
Light raining tears,
As the yellow broken line
Beckons me on
In life’s unanswered fears,
To continue to be.

Sophie’s Window

Ten-foot green shutters

Grace the street’s first floor balcony.

A wash line emptied each night

From the daily boy’s wear.

The 26th of July Street

Is a 35-mile long, 6-lane main drag

Which stretches in front of the sea.

Palm trees along the middle island rustles

As the traffic whizzes by.

The night air, filled with barbecue corn,

And salt sea freshness.

The trot of a horse drawn carriage

Break the noisy people and taxi horns.

The sun sets, and the noisy people are now just a hum,

We sit upon the balcony, late into the night

Emptying all thoughts,

Finding lost souls,

Connecting a love of femininity,

Crying for our husband’s fates

Praising our children’s accomplishments,

Opening to each other heart’s desires,

Fusing to the end of time.

As the night grows into dawn,

And the sun rises

The fishermen in their boats

Silently begin their day

Rowing west, past the Sultan’s castle,

Through the harbor,

Then disappear. ©

MVC-011S a

I’m the baby, life is good

Thud, thud against the bed as she snuggled under the blankets not awake yet.  He said “Who’s the baby?” directing the comment to the 135 pound Presa Canario dog sleeping at the end of the bed.  Her eyes not opened, she answered “I am”.  He replied “No you’re the big girl.”  She pouted.  He came around the bed, leaning over and squeaked a kiss in her ear. “I would wag my tail if I had one.” she said.  “Ah that’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me.”  She looked at him, and his eyes were glistening, even after all these years he still can make her smile at the little things in life.   Life is good.

Prompt: Driving

I hear the radio playing

“Driving in my car,

I turn on the radio”

You jiggle your keys

Yell upstairs

Want to go for a ride?

I run down,

I jump up and down

Wanta go for a ride

Wanta go for a ride

Wanta go for a ride

I spin in a circle

And wait

You move slowly

To open the door

Gonna go out

Gonna go out

Gonna go out

I spin in circles

Slowly I calm down

I sit and wait

The door is open

I see the back yard




I wait, and you


Wait by the car

I make a mad dash

To the passenger door

I hope from one foot

To the other

I spin in circles

The auto key lock opens

I jump

Up and down

Up and down

Up and down

You open the door

I fly in and sit




You get in

Start the car

We’re going driving

We’re going driving

We’re going driving

Please open the window

I need to feel

The air in my hair

Rushing around

My ears,

And flapping my



Take My Hand Take My Hand

Echoes of a long since forgotten time
Begs to become a rhyme.
Take my hand; I’ll escort you through

To explore the world
Which I once knew.

Take my hand; I’ll glide with you
To places, and among their people who,
Have cluttered my mind’s heart.

Take my hand, I’ll see through your eyes
The experiences and maybe some lies,
From where I’ve said many Good-byes!

Take my hand, let us embark,
Through captured moments,
Of my heart

As hand in hand
We Start!

Ellenelizabeth ©

Save the Muse

I have put her

into a box

and wrapped it

in brown paper


Hoping I will

write on it

if she lets loose


I have not


to her whispers


my nights have

been consumed

with just sleep


I have not


her to give

me that perfect line


I must save her

If only I could

find the scissor


She needs to be

Set free

So what line

Do I write

On that brown paper?