Flashy Fiction Prompt

She is looking through that crystal vase, glaring at the reflection on the marble counter again.  Michele will always see her life as half empty.  This is the only way to continue on within in her mind. Seeing her life as almost emptied causes her to have rushed reaction towards others. With doing this she usually pulls some silly responses that are only causing bad consequences. Like her first marriage with Peter, she found herself pregnant after being together over two years.  Knowing in her heart that is was a womanizer, and a cheat, that could only make decisions under pressure.  Yet it took Peter several weeks to ask Michele to marry.  Then like a flip of a switch, he was a totally different person to Michele. By taking so long to decide to marry Michele, fractured his personality.  Michele should have listened to all the bells and whistles sounding off in her mind as a sign that she should have the child alone. But she didn’t.

After the birth of her son Patrick, Peter and Michele fell into the new parent routine, the wow and amazement of this tiny little person to take care of, but as fast as this started it ended. Patrick was a child of vengeance.  He would scream for hours on end.  Even the neighbors in the apartment building made suggestions on how to stop that kid from screaming, but to no avail Patrick screamed for five months straight.  Michele was now sleep deprived, and Peter just left the house.  Michele found a spot on the kitchen floor that squeaked when she rocked Patrick and hummed to him “Amazing Grace”.  She tried to show Peter, but he did not have that mommy bop to his rock.

As the key to Patrick’s screaming was unlocked with feeding him early than the Doctor advised, which finally give Michele reprieve.  There were groups of hours that she was able to sleep.  Michele went for her nine month check up. The Doctor took a long time examining her and then said “Well Mrs. you are pregnant.” Then informed her she was four months and three weeks pregnant shocking her completely.  She had had trouble with her thyroid, effecting her monthly cycle, so she did not know that she was pregnant.  She stood there rocking her nine month old Patrick, as her mouth dropped to the floor. What will she say to Peter?  Michele place Patrick in the stroller, and slowly walk home.  In the window of a local shop, Michele saw a beautiful vase, she needed to brighten up her day, so she bought it.  Arriving home, she carefully unwrapped the crystal vase and placed it on the cold marble counter.  “Now to my phone call” she said aloud to herself heavily sighing.

The phone call to Peter at work took especially long to connect in Michele’ mind, when Peter answered he snapped “What is it now?”  Michele blurted out “I’m pregnant”.  Peter replied, “I’ll call you back” then hung up. Michele flew into a tear full rage, crying herself to sleep.

Michele’s mind fractured that moment, things with Peter will never be the same, forever making this happy go lucky woman to think that “My glass is half empty”. When in fact it was half full, never allowing her to enjoy her children.

Michele left Peter shortly after the birth of her second son, Marty.  Marty was the happiest child anyone could have asked for, even sleeping through the night on the first day he was born.  Peter missed out.

©Ellenelizabeth Cernek-Kashk


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  1. mypastmademe
    May 06, 2012 @ 23:28:44

    I love that you have given me a story of the woman in the photograph! It’s so ironic that your post speaks to me on a personal level, as well as the simple fact that I just posted a poem entitled ‘Glass Half Full’! The concept of your work and the way you write is very engaging. Thank you for posting 🙂


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