The secret

How many seconds, minutes, hours

Turned into days, weeks, months, years

Holding us together in our secret life.

I have been your best friend

The lover you needed

The mother you wanted

The wife that she was not.

I was hidden away

As I took care of so many things

She could no longer do,

Or wanted to do.

As you complained I listened

To your woos, as only a lover could

To your raves, as only a best friend could

To your heart, as only a mother could

I opened my heart and life

For us to share and live

It was so many years

I was the other, “the secret”.

When life did give you freedom

And by the Grace of God

He took her home

I was there, your secret to console you

I have only been allotted 7 years

For “Us” to shine and thrive

In the beautiful Arizona sun

Before God stole my secret.


Prompt 46 If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

Well, young lady

If I knew then, what I know now

You need to know that there is an end
Of a rainbow that you can listen to

There are no silver linings in the clouds
Only the golden sunset to drink in now

The journey is un-mistakenly eventful
Cherish all the burses, and pick the scabs clean

Cry the thousand tears of joy for being alive
And wear each scare as testament of your survival

Never doubt the paths you have chosen
You are where you are suppose to be

Have the guts to always be true to yourself
By not allowing others to judge your work harshly

The words of others that can be trusted
Are a special breed, you will know whom

With every unsure step or stumble
You will make strides with the lessons it will teach

Write the words that blossom from your heart
You will always have beautiful bouquets that surround you.

Ellenelizabeth Cernek ©

11/1/2012 SMALL STONES

#1 small stone
I have found the cracks
in this hotel room
in the last 31 days
two adult disable children
two 140 lbs dogs
two of us
unsure of the how long
because of promises not kept
homeless for how long
before I crack
Ellenelizabeth Cernek-Kashk©

North Bergen, NJ (hometown)

ImageRoof Deck

Dawn pushes away the empty blackness

To dance on the pink, yellow, blue-gray houses

Of the neighbors

Their vinyl glistening of morning dew

The morning doves

Coo on top of air conditioners

Sparrows excessive chirping

Their mating rituals as they fly from

Rooftop to gutters

My moist back yard dirt,

Robins look for worms

The big brown cauldron looking planter

Is coming alive with strawberries

I am allergic to them

I grow them for John

The lilies have started

Their assent from the urn

I planted them in last year

The steel 3 foot trough like planter

My herbs

Early morning on my roof deck

My oasis

Then the cars start going by

The train in the meadows toots

7:00am everyone up

The 100 year old house groans

The dogs need letting out

A crane flies west overhead

Somewhere for the East or Hudson Rivers

To the Meadowlands, Hackensack River

Time to make the coffee

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Save the Muse

I have put her

into a box

and wrapped it

in brown paper


Hoping I will

write on it

if she lets loose


I have not


to her whispers


my nights have

been consumed

with just sleep


I have not


her to give

me that perfect line


I must save her

If only I could

find the scissor


She needs to be

Set free

So what line

Do I write

On that brown paper?