The secret

How many seconds, minutes, hours

Turned into days, weeks, months, years

Holding us together in our secret life.

I have been your best friend

The lover you needed

The mother you wanted

The wife that she was not.

I was hidden away

As I took care of so many things

She could no longer do,

Or wanted to do.

As you complained I listened

To your woos, as only a lover could

To your raves, as only a best friend could

To your heart, as only a mother could

I opened my heart and life

For us to share and live

It was so many years

I was the other, “the secret”.

When life did give you freedom

And by the Grace of God

He took her home

I was there, your secret to console you

I have only been allotted 7 years

For “Us” to shine and thrive

In the beautiful Arizona sun

Before God stole my secret.



Post John RIP 3/10/15


I have resisted
Not to yell
I have resisted
Thoughts of our last crazy words
I have resisted
Cursing the Gods
I have resisted
Pleading with Satan
I have resisted
In believing forever
I have resisted
In promises not kept
I have resisted
Hoping for a miracle
I have resisted
The anguish
I have resisted
In lost love
I have resisted
In crying
Because Resistance is all I am left with

“Captured Moments”

I would like to thank all who have purchased my book “Captured Moments”. I am excited that others have appreciated my journey through my poetry and arts. If you missed this one please take a look at:


After the storm

After the storm


Moon Rise from my home

Moon Rise from my home


After the storm

After the storm

Arizona storm blowing through
But there is a light at the end of these times


Holiday Special « FundsforWriters

Holiday Special « FundsforWriters.

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